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About Lume Creation helps you find the best online gambling sites. A wide range of online casinos and bingos, as well as hundreds of betting sites can be found here. There are tens of thousands of players just like you who use our website to find the right place to play. is an affiliate website. It does not offer casino games. Instead, we refer you to places where you can play. We receive a commission if you play at a casino via our site.

Affiliation is a very common online marketing method. Some of the biggest travel websites, like and, are affiliates. Many leading online retailers have affiliate programs to bring them customers. The same model is also used in the online gambling industry.

Being an affiliate doesn’t mean you can’t trust a website. We have great experience in online gambling, and we are open about how we make money. Below, we tell you more about our way of building a trustworthy gambling affiliate website.

From the inception of our business, we made the decision to do everything the right way, above board and with honesty and integrity. We target regulated markets and continue to build relationships by doing the right thing incorporating:

  • Honesty and integrity in everything we do
  • Respect for the environment, our clients and each other
  • Teaming to promote the best interests of our clients
  • Professionalism that is transparent
  • Innovation in the way we use technology
  • Customer satisfaction that advertises our business
  • Continuous improvement in the way we work

Lume Creation, our mission is to provide a valuable “Global Gaming Network” in which potential online players can bet and win money at reputable online casinos within online gaming markets. We have a global reach in the promotion of online gaming, forming a network of websites geographically. We leverage this position to provide optimum access to the complete spectrum of online casinos

Our vision is “To establish an understanding and honest working relationship in the online casino industry to provide all players the most rewarding, fair and honest gaming experience”. By doing this, we aim to build and maintain our position as market leaders, using our solid reputation and proven expertise to maximise your exposure and provide expert guidance in the promotion and advertising of online casinos.

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