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The Bet Builder is a feature that allows you to customize your bet slip by betting multiple markets on the same game. This is different from accumulator betting because Bet Builder bets allow you to include two or more selections from the same match. It also gives you higher odds, so that you can win more on a single bet.

Bet Builders are commonly used for betting on football events. Although some sportsbooks are now offering the feature for other sports, there are limited markets available.

The process of using this feature is quite simple. In this guide, we will take an in-depth look into Bet Builders and how you can use them to get huge odds on your own bets.


Bet Builder win

What is a Bet Builder?

Bet Builders come from the need of online sportsbook players to request bets from their bookmakers. This is why many punters think that it is exactly the same as the “request a bet” feature. However, there are a couple of differences.

In the “request a bet” feature, you have to reach out to your bookmaker via social media (e.g., Twitter) to request the bet you want to make and then wait for their approval. However, the Bet Builder feature allows you to create your own bet from various markets without waiting for your bookie. As you select the markets, the odds are shown immediately so that you can wager.

It is now one of the most common features in sports betting and is available at several online sportsbooks.

How Do Bet Builders Work?

It can be difficult to understand how the Bet Builder feature works initially. However, once you understand the general principles, you will be able to combine Bet Builder bets on any of the betting sites.

You can use a Bet Builder to combine multiple selections on the same game. Although the Bet Builder facility at different bookmakers may differ slightly, the basic principle is the same.

Simply choose the match that you want to bet on. Then, from the bookmaker’s Bet Builder options, select from the different bets available for that match. The Bet Builder facility of the betting site will calculate the odds of the bet.

Cash-out Options on Bet Builders

It is important to read the terms and conditions of the Bet Builder you want to use before placing your bet because some of them do not allow cash-outs. If the cash-out feature is available, you can only use it when the market is still open and you can still win your selection. You can not cash out when a part of the bets has been closed.

Available Bet Builder Markets

It is important that you know that Bet Builder bets are not available on all betting markets. When you gamble online, the bookmaker will always provide a list of markets that apply to the Bet Builder.

So you know what to expect from most online bookmakers, here are some of the most common betting markets available on most sportsbooks.

Money line

A Money line is the most basic bet in sports betting where you predict which team will win the game.

Double chance

This allows punters to choose the team to win or whether the game will end in a draw. This market is great for those looking to reduce the risk on their bets.

Correct Score

This market is quite common in football betting, where expert punters try to predict the exact match result.

Both Teams to Score

This is a different bet type for punters since they can predict that both teams will score goals and choose the winning team as well.

Half-time results

This is yet another simple bet option that allows players to wager on the outcome of the match at halftime.

Shots on Target

Online sportsbooks offer some unique betting opportunities, and this is one of them. Punters can now predict the total number of shots on target that one team will have after the football match.

First Goal scorer

The Bet Builder function also allows players to bet on who will score the first goal in a football game.


Bet Builder Bookmaker

Choosing a Bet Builder Bookmaker

Because of the rising popularity of this feature among punters, almost every bookmaker now offers the Bet Builder service. However, before choosing a bookie, there are some things that you should consider. They include:

Safety and Security

Although many ignore this, it is probably the most important factor to consider since there are now a lot of unlicensed online sites. Ensure that your choice is one that is fully licensed by reputable authorities.

Cash Out Feature

Before picking a Bet Builder betting site, you should ensure that it offers the “cash out” option. Although cashing out is not always the right call, having the option gives you the flexibility to collect your winnings before the end of the game, so you can avoid last-minute surprises.

Competitive Odds

When placing builder wagers, you want to be sure that your bookie is offering you the best odds possible. Just like single bets, an occasional one or two points can help to boost your winnings in the long run. As a result, make sure to compare the odds with other Bet Builder betting sites.

Selection of betting markets

Choose a sportsbook that offers a wide range of betting markets, as each bookie has a unique selection of betting markets.

In-play Bet Builder

While it is great to have several markets to bet on, being able to tweak your bets during matches, or even place in-play Bet Builder bets, is even more exciting. So, check for bookmakers that provide this betting opportunity.

Limits on Combination bets

Several bookmakers have maximum win limits for combo bets like Bet Builders. Therefore, it is important for bettors to ensure that they go for a bookmaker with high limits.

Ease of accessibility

To enjoy your betting experience, the Bet Builder platform should be user-friendly and easy to access. It should also have an eye-catching design and load smoothly and quickly so that punters can place their bets anywhere they are. The Bet Builder service should also have a bet calculator to calculate the odds of the entire bet.

Terms and Conditions

While Bet Builder services are usually the same, it is still essential to check the terms and conditions of your bookmaker so you can follow all rules.

Top 7 Best Bet Builders

Bet Builders are pretty different from one another. While some of them offer a wide variety of sports, others cover only football matches. The best Bet Builders are easy to use, but there are others that can be frustrating as well. In this section, we will look at seven of the top Bet Builders.

Bet365 Bet Builder


Bet365 bet builder

Bet365 is the most popular betting site in the United Kingdom. The platform offers bet builder bets on several sports, which can be easily accessed when you choose the event of your choice. There are several markets to choose from, and you can make up to 12 selections.

William Hill Bet Builder


William Hill Bet Builder

The William Hill Bet Builder is automatic and you can combine the events you want to bet on any way you like. There are several sports, events, and markets available for players to choose from.

Betfair Bet Builder


betfair bet builder

At Betfair, you get access to the same game multi-tool which allows you to make up to 20 selections on the same game. This betting site also offers a large variety of markets to choose from. Punters that use this platform also have the opportunity to place in-play bets.

Unibet Bet Builder


Unibet Bet Builder

You will find the Unibet Bet Builder tool on the homepage of the game you want to bet on. The odds are displayed as you choose the markets, and you can place your bet immediately after that. This betting site also allows you to select up to 12 combinations, and you can use it for pre-match markets and in-play bets.

888sport Bet Builder


888sport Bet builder

With the 888sport Bet Builder, you can create your own bets from the available markets. In addition to pre-game markets, 888sport also allows punters to bet on in-play games. Just choose the game you want to bet on, pick the markets, and then stake your bet.

Paddy Power Bet Builder


Paddy Power Bet Builder

Paddy Power allows players to choose from their favorite markets to bet on football and basketball. The betting site is very easy to navigate, and you can place your bet by clicking the “Bet Builder” tab after choosing the event. Select the odds of the bets you want to add before placing a wager.

32Red Bet Builder


32Red bet builder

This sportsbook has an excellent Bet Builder tool. Immediately after you choose the event you want to bet on, you will find the tab to activate the Bet Builder feature. It also has a large number of markets to choose from, and you can make up to 12 selections.

How to Place a Bet Builder Bet

Bet Builder and multiple bets are great ways to win huge prize money with a very small stake. Although the odds might seem unrealistic, since you are risking only small amounts, they look like free bets. However, it is important to play responsibly as well.

Here’s a general step-by-step guide to placing a Bet Builder wager:

Step 1: Find the game that you want to bet on and click on the “Bet Builder” tab.

Step 2: From the Bet Builder function, you can begin to customize your bet by choosing from the available markets. Click on “Choose a Market” to add as many as the bookmaker allows.

Step 3: Once you decide the markets that you want to bet on, add them to the selections by clicking “Add Selection.” Continue to do this until you have made all your selections.

Step 4: After adding your selections, the bookmaker will calculate the total odds. Then you will click the odds and add them to your bet slip, after which you choose the amount you want to stake. And that’s it!

Final Thoughts

A bet builder feature is a great option for punters who want to place multiple bets and enjoy large winnings with very small stakes. With this feature, you can place up to 12 selections on a single game, which will offer you higher odds than a single bet.

This guide to betting builders will help you to understand why you should try this feature out. It also mentions some of the most popular markets available, as well as a brief guide on how to place your first bet builder bet.

If you are looking to get started immediately, check out our recommended bookmakers, and always remember to play responsibly.

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