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using the best e-wallet If you want to know more about accumulator betting, then you are in the right place. As a punter, there are different types of betting available to you. It is important to learn about all the types as it will help you choose the perfect one for you. The accumulator bet is now very popular because of the excitement that comes with it. You have the opportunity to combine your odds by selecting multiple events. In accumulator betting, you calculate the odds differently when compared to regular bets. Here, you can turn a series of bets with low odds into a cumulative bet with remarkable odds. You combine the odds so that you can enjoy bigger winnings. This means that your winnings would be far larger than if you were to bet on each of those events separately. The major difference between accumulator bets and other types of bets is that for the bet to pay out, all the selections must win. However, the hope of winning multiple of your stakes is the reason you play. Also, you don’t need to stake too much before you create a wager that, if correct, could give you hundreds or thousands. An accumulator bet is also called an Acca, a combo bet, a multiple bet, or a parlay bet. It is available for many sports, including tennis, football, and horse racing.  

How Does Accumulator Betting Work?

An accumulator is pretty straightforward to understand. It is a single straight bet that is placed on multiple events at the same time. You can choose any event of your choice as long as they are independent events. Events that are not independent are also known as “related events.” This is when a result in one event can affect another result. Therefore, you can not combine those events. You can also place bets on live games when playing accumulator bets. It is important for you to know that you can also lose a lot of money playing accumulator bets. So, you have to be careful before placing your bets. Professional punters advise that anyone who wants to try out this bet type should get as much knowledge as possible. If you have sufficient knowledge, you will be able to think like a pro. This will help you make correct decisions that will translate into big wins.  

How to Calculate the Odds in Accumulator Betting

The purpose of combining the odds in an accumulator bet is to give you more value for your stake. There are two methods of explaining how accumulator bets are calculated. In the first method, simply increase the odds of each event and then multiply them together. This method can be tricky to understand, but an example can make it a bit clearer. Let’s say you are betting on four events with odds of 2/1, 3/1, 3/1, and 4/1. Increasing the odds will give you 3/1, 4/1, 4/1, and 5/1, then multiply them together to get 180. This means that the total odds will now be 179/1 since 179 + 1 = 180. The second method is to roll over the return from the previous bet onto the next one. This time, assume you want to place a six-fold accumulator (i.e., place six bets) with odds of 2/1, 2/1, 4/1, 3/1, 3/1, and 4/1. If you stake £2 and all the six bets win, this is the way to calculate your total winnings:
  • The first bet gives you a £6 win (£4 and your £2 stake).
  • That win, when rolled over to the next bet, wins you £18 (£12 and your £6 stake).
  • This return on the next bet gives you £90 (£72 and your £18 stake).
  • The stake is then £90 on the fourth bet, which returns £360 (£270 and your £90 stake).
  • The fifth bet is a £360 stake on which you get a return of £1,440 (£1,080 and your £360 stake).
  • Lastly, the sixth bet is a £1,440 stake, and this gives you a total win of £7,200 (£5,760 and your £1,440 stake).
Now you can see how to calculate the winnings of an accumulator bet in comparison to regular bets. The large difference in returns is obvious. In this example, six single bets would have earned you just £48 instead of the £7,200 win in an accumulator. This is due to the fact that winnings from one bet are not used to stake on the next.  

Types of Accumulator Bets

There are different types of accumulator bets available for you to choose from because each type depends on the number of selections on each stake. So, we cannot mention all the types. However, we will be looking at some of the most common types. Straight Accumulators: This is the simplest form of accumulator bet. It happens when you select two or more events on a single stake. A Double is an accumulator bet with two events. If the two events win, then you win the bet. On the other hand, if you have three events on your bet, it is a Treble. For you to win that bet, all the events have to win. Full cover with singles: This is a more complicated accumulator bet than the straight accumulator. The simplest variation is a Patent bet, where you make three selections. These three selections are made up of seven bets: three singles, three doubles, and one treble. The Lucky 15 is similar to the Patent bet, but it contains fifteen different bets. Full cover without singles: This is just like the previous type of Acca, but it does not have singles. A combination of three picks is called a “Trixie.” It contains four bets, which are three doubles and one treble. Using the same principle, you have a combination of four picks which contains eleven bets and is known as a “Yankee.” The benefit of playing full cover Acca is that even if you lose a pick, you will still get a return. For example, in a Trixie, you can get the three doubles even if you lose the treble.  

How to Place an Accumulator Bet

Accumulator betting is just as easy as other types of betting. With these simple steps, you can place your first Acca.
  1. Choose your favorite bookmaker.
  2. Create a betting account and deposit money into it.
  3. Make as many selections as you like.
  4. Place your bet.
Once you confirm the bet, you will see the total odds of your selections as well as your potential win.  

How to Bet on Accumulators

It is important for you to know that it is easy to lose accumulator bets. However, there are some helpful tips to prevent this from happening. These will increase your chances of winning more often.
  1. Reduce the number of selections: It is always tempting to go for the larger odds. But you must know that more selections increase your chances of losing the bet.
  2. Focus on the selections: Similarly, instead of doing research on each selection, many end up picking those with the best odds. While this will increase the potential win, it is riskier.
  3. Check for bonuses: Always use bonuses whenever they are available. Some bookies offer Acca insurance, meaning you get your initial stake back if one bet loses.
a man playing accumulator betting on his phone and laptop

Is Accumulator Betting Worth It?

Accumulator bets have become quite popular and are now one of the best forms of betting. This type of betting is a perfect fit for those who would increase the odds on their bets rather than the stake money. It gives you an opportunity to win more on small stakes. However, because of the increased number of events, winning an accumulator bet is difficult. In order to increase your chances of winning, make sure that you have done your research properly. Accumulator betting is worth it, it is important to play wisely because you cannot win at all times.

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